Skincare and Beauty Trends 2022

Throughout most of the pandemic, people have found comfort in the routine and normality skincare routines bring. This has led to the growth of the beauty and skincare industry. In fact, the global skincare market size is expected to reach $145 billion by 2028. On top of that, the cosmetics industry is seeing continued growth at a compound annual growth rate of 5%. But having soft, supple, and young-looking skin can be difficult when it is damaged by harsh soaps and chemicals. Plus, the stress we experience can also manifest itself outwardly on our bodies. As such, there's no better time to practice a bit more self-care and ensure that you're looking your best despite all the external tension as we go into 2022.

That being said, there are quite a few exciting skincare and beauty trends this year that may be worth incorporating into your regimen. Keep reading as we go through some of them.

Hand care

The health crisis has required us to constantly wash our hands and use alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Chances are, this has left you with dry skin. But it's more than just a little discomfort; it could eventually lead to inflammation, especially for those with sensitive skin. This is because hard water and chemicals from soaps and sanitizers can strip off the topmost protective layer of our skin and remove its natural oils. A list of hand creams shows how applying moisturizer saves your skin from breaking down. The most common ingredient in moisturizers is shea butter, as it easily moisturizes and prevents inflammation.


The best anti-aging serums are quickly absorbed into your skin, immediately delivering strong, highly concentrated active ingredients. Some popular ingredients are collagen and hyaluronic acid. Collagen has been called the elixir of youth, and it’s hard not to see why. This trendy ingredient is also an effective detoxifying agent. It helps eliminate the presence of free radicals in the body, which have been found to accelerate the aging process. Collagen, whether in supplement or serum form, can firm up the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines. On the other hand, hyaluronic acid is a reliable hydrator that is great for all skin types. You can find this mostly in serums, creams, and even toners.

Brow Minimalism

Another beauty trend that has grown over the past couple of years is brow minimalism. In the past, scouse brows, faded Instagram brows, and sharply defined arches were the norm. Today, it's all about leaving one's eyebrows untouched. For natural but modern and fresh-looking brows, it's best to go with a tinted eyebrow gel that boosts volume and fullness instantly. A good product is buildable and should provide you with good coverage that allows you to create any look from natural to bold. Low maintenance eyebrows that don't use much product create a look that is much less defined and more natural.

Blue-Light Skin Protection

Work-from-home setups and online classes have demanded that we spend a lot of hours in front of our computer screens, which emit harmful blue light. While blue light isn’t known to cause skin cancer, it contributes to skin aging and hyperpigmentation. A sunscreen review states that antioxidants and hydrating hyaluronic acid protect the skin from blue light. Plus, it repairs any damage that might have already been done by the blue light. Products with vitamin C and green tea extracts can help with this as well.


Despite most salons already reopening, not all of their customers will be willing to return immediately. This has caused some people to find alternative treatments that they can do on their own at home. Some hair product recommendations explain how fruit extracts, such as lemon and orange blossom extract and artichoke leaf extract, make hair smooth and soft. They remove impurities in the scalp, provide vitamins, and rejuvenate hair follicles. The Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3 is highly recommended by salon professionals if you want to enjoy hair mask treatments at home. It can improve hair structure, effectively repairing dry and brittle hair.

2021 has changed our perspective on skincare routines. What used to be mainly for beauty is now being refocused more on wellness and empowerment through the products we use. In 2022, skincare and beauty are bound to play key roles in everyday life.

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