Biltong: the new protein alternative

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There are so many benefits associated with exercise – improved mental and physical health, increased endorphin production and a reduced risk of developing serious cardiovascular diseases. And while working out is a great way to stay healthy, what we eat plays an important part too. Protein is considered one of the most important nutrients required to maintain and improve muscle mass and cell function. If you’re someone that’s regularly active, or just starting your exercise journey it’s important you get enough protein in your diet every day. How much protein depends on a number of factors such as your height, weight, age, gender and health goals. 

Whether you have a high protein target or are looking for a new way to incorporate protein into your diet – we have the answer for you, and it’s called Biltong. 

What is Biltong?

Beef Biltong is a 400-year-old traditional South African cured meat snack. Produced with minimal ingredients, Biltong makes for a fantastic addition to any healthy diet as it contains a high amount of protein in a relatively small serving. 

What’s the difference between Biltong and Beef Jerky?

Biltong, although it looks similar to Jerky is completely different both in taste and preparation. Biltong is cured by taking strips of beef (or other meats such as Chicken and game) that are rubbed in vinegar and spices, then hung naturally to air dry. Jerky, on the other hand, is typically prepared with a non-vinegar marinade then is cooked and dehydrated allowing it to sit on shelves for a long time. The result? Biltong is more tender, has less sugar and is packed with more protein. Click here to find out more about biltong vs jerky.

How can Biltong replace my protein bar?

Biltong has many nutritional benefits and is a fantastic source of protein, it makes for a tasty snack and is a great addition alongside any training routine. While Protein bars are great for curbing sugar cravings and can be picked up in almost any store, when you look at the nutritional information vs Biltong, it doesn’t stack up. Protein bars on average contain around 20g protein per 100g – once upon a time this was considered a significant amount but when you look at the nutritional values of Biltong, you’ll soon re-consider that protein bar! Biltong contains an impressive 50g protein per 100g making it an ideal pre or post workout snack. When Biltong is slow dried, it loses 55% of its weight, enhancing the nutrition of the beef – 100g of beef steak can contain around 25g of protein but once this has been slow dried it doubles to around 50g. 

Does Biltong taste better than protein bars?

This totally depends on your preferences – if you have a sweet tooth and love to curb your sugar cravings by devouring a protein bar post workout then Biltong may not be the snack for you. But if you are a fan of cured meats and enjoy finding new tastes then Biltong is definitely one snack you need to try. With Biltong, spices are slow dried into the beef during the natural drying process meaning it makes for a super tasty snack. Sold in a variety of different flavours such as garlic, peri-peri, chilli to name a few, you can be sure to find something to suit your taste. 

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Is Biltong healthy?

One of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to Biltong is ‘is it healthy?’ We can confirm Biltong is healthy and makes for a tasty, fuss-free, low sugar, high protein snack packing an impressive amount of nutrients in just a 25g pouch. The creation of Biltong is very natural in comparison to many other protein snacks on the market making it a snack that is rising in popularity in gym bags around the globe. 

So, when it comes to packing your post workout snack, why not look at Biltong as an alternative to your shake or protein bar? Jam packed full of protein Biltong will be sure to become your new favourite snack. 


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