What to Expect in a Vegetarian Buffet Hotel?

For a Texan, the sheer sound of a vegetarian buffet might sound like an alien language. However, vegetarianism is not veganism. Both are slightly different. In fact, many vegetarians even eat eggs. Strictly speaking they are ovo-vegetarians. Anyway, if you are either dating a vegetarian or if you are thinking of reducing the consumption of meat in your diet, then it is the best place to start with. You can try the buffet on a weekend and then slowly increase the vegetarian food while reducing the meat intake. This can be helpful for people with severe liver conditions and kidney problems. Vegetarian foods will reduce the burden of these organs and ease their functioning.

Vegetarian Food is Not a Bland One

When you enter a vegetarian weekend brunch buffet, you need not be afraid about the lack of tastes. In fact, vegetarian foods are also rich in spices. Whether the hot peppers or pleasant cardamom, or the unique cinnamon you can find all these in the ingredients of the foods. Similarly, tomato, onion, tamarind enhances the flavours and helps in easy digestion of your foods. The brunch will mainly consist of dishes like Pongal, Briyani, or the north Indian foods like Poha. You can also get rotis, naans and other Indian breads. When eaten with dishes like green peas masala or potato gravy, you will enjoy a number of flavours in the food.The actual weekend buffet will differ from restaurant to restaurant. So, choose the right foods based on your preference and the menu of the restaurant.

Eat the Right Amount of Macronutrients

When you eat brunch, one thing that you should remember is that there is a possibility that you eat only carbohydrates and not enough proteins. So, include proteins in the form of pulses which will give you the right balance of proteins and fibres. This way, you will also feel full and you will not be tempted to eat again for a few hours.

Commonality in South Indian Style of Cooking

If you are checking the South Indian buffets, then the options are many. If you are not strictly vegetarian, it is recommended to add an egg or two in your brunch which will provide you with the proteins. You can also drink yoghurt along with other foods. This gives a nice taste and also replenishes the good gut bacteria.

You Need not Go Vegan to Enjoy Vegetarian Food

If you want to be a vegetarian then there is no need to turn into a complete vegan which again increases the stress on the planet. Being a vegan can put undue stress on the supply chain management and also puts you at a disadvantage. Humans as a species require to have some animal proteins. So, it is good to have at least dairy products that are rich in fats and milk proteins.So, choose the right weekend buffet brunch and enjoy the day. Enjoy your weekend with a good sumptuous meal and relax. That is the best way to do it.

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