Check out New Earring Packaging design for 2020

Earrings designs change every few months. That is due to the popularity of these earrings. They are worn by people all over the world. With such a huge demand, it’s a miracle that the sellers have been able to keep the supply in line. However, there is one factor that has enabled sellers to make this all possible. This factor has been responsible for improving sales and boosting the growth of the industry. We are referring here to the role played by the amazing earring boxes.

It is difficult to imagine that these boxes will play such an effective role in making sure that we get more sales. It is even more difficult to believe that these boxes have played a role in making the earring manufacturers so successful. So let’s discover how the earring packaging boxes have played a role in boosting the industry as a whole.

Are these boxes that amazing?

Yes, if you are a manufacturer, you will be relying heavily on these boxes to help you solve your packaging needs. Imagine you are buying a product. What is the first thing that you notice? What is the first factor that creates an impression on you? It is the packaging. Manufacturers know that more than 75% of business sales are made due to the effectiveness of the packaging. That is why it is so important.

So what is so special about these boxes? How do they make sales? 
These custom earring boxes help you to give the customers what they want. That means you present them with the products that they want most effectively. These boxes help you to prevent any sort of harm to the earrings. The design of these boxes will help you to gain the attention of the customers and compel them into buying the items you are selling. That is why you have to focus on the design of these boxes and make it as attractive as possible.

Let’s discover some of the designs that are taking 2020 by storm when it comes to earring packaging.

Latest designs for 2020 that you should check out

It is a well-known fact that the fashion industry is fast-paced and trendy. That is why we have to keep an eye on the changing trends. But as we come into the new decade, there have already been a few amazing designs that have been introduced. We have seen aesthetic designing for cardboard earring boxes, and all sorts of other boxes.

We have made a list of some of the most impressive designs so that you can also know more about them. So here you go:

  • Flashing lights: this has been one of the most stunning designs that we have seen. Manufactures have used technology not just to make the box but also make it more impressive. These boxes have LED lights attractively fitted in them. They will be automatically switched on the box is opened. Imagine the impact. These lights are colorful and can make a more aesthetic and attractive visual display for the customer. The earrings will look even more amazing in the light, boosting their worth in the eyes of the customer.
  • Bold, blue, and beautiful: for some reason, we have seen a rise in the popularity of blue-themed boxes for earrings. These boxes range from completely blue, to having contrasting patterns in blue. People have been completely wowed by the use of blue in packaging for jewelry. It seems like the days of black and gold are gone as we see boxes being made in blue velvet, blue leather, and even blue colored wood! The color signifies peace, calm and tranquility. You can buy these earring boxes in bulk from selected packaging suppliers, so place your orders now.
  • Crystal and clear: this is also a very new and emerging trend. We have yet to see crystal boxes being used on a large scale. But now we see them being used for earrings. Crystal packaging is delicate and fragile. But grace and beauty are unparalleled. If you are looking for something that catches your eye and can make an immediate impression, it’s crustal. These boxes catch the light and make rainbow-colored patterns. You can also use bottle blue, or even magenta tinted crystal boxes. They can be colored and look exactly like a jewel. And if you can think of a better way to present earrings, let us know because we can’t.
  • Textures are the thing: we have seen enough of the traditional velvet boxes being used for jewelry. With the new decade, we have seen the rise of new textures. We are now seeing wooden boxes and metallic boxes taking the spotlight. These materials have a very graceful and rustic appeal that adds to the beauty of the earrings. If you are looking for an alluring box that appeals to your sense of touch as well as the sense of sight, then these boxes are the best bet. You can get textured and personalized boxes from any supplier. Cheap earring boxes can be bought from online suppliers, who will also offer you a greater opportunity to have the boxes designed and textured in a better way. That will help you to make a greater impression on the customer.

These are some of the unique trends that have caught the earring industry’s interest. If you can use these boxes for your custom rigid packaging design, you can easily make a name for yourself and make more sales. That is why we have made this list. So get going and have your packaging designed as effectively as possible.