GIRLS Star Lena Dunham Shows off Incredible Weight Loss in 2020

GIRLS star Lena Dunham has been working hard with personal trainer to the stars Tracy Anderson to get into shape

Lena Dunham has showcased a toned and fitter appearance as she paced out at a recent red carpet event in New York.

The GIRLS creator has recently turned to the gym, to assist her to be fit mentally and physically and the results of her new exercise regime were clearly evident when she had attended Variety’s Power of Women event in New York.
Lena Dunham has credited top fitness guru Tracy Anderson with assisting her tone up.
Tracy Anderson, who counts Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kim Kardashian and Madonna as star clients, planned a bespoke fitness plan for this 31-year-old GIRLS star.
“With Tracy Anderson, it’s not about getting everybody to look a precise way. It’s about getting everybody to feel strong,” Lena recently stated the Daily Telegraph.
Weight loss is not at all the major focus of her fitness plan, Tracy has focused more on building Dunham’s core strength with precisely designed exercise plans that weren’t profoundly regimented.
“It’s a fusion of aerobics, strength training and some other workouts that resembles pilates but not the same as pilates. What I really like about Tracy is she listens well to your body and what you are exactly capable of. There won’t be any weird pressure. It is simply like, on one day, I have a UTI and unable to jump up and down then she simply said ‘OK, we will adjust that’.
“I was about 30 pounds heavier previously and now I have been 30 pounds lighter, and it certainly not had any effect on my ability to find out love or connect with people,” she told.
But Lena has explained that for her, one of the main motivations for doing exercise, was the positive influence it had on her mental health.
She even credits the exercise with helping to ease her anxiety.
“To the people, who are struggling with anxiety, depression, or OCD: I know it’s really annoying when people advise you to exercise, and it had taken around 16 medicated years to listen for me. Now, I’m glad I did it finally. It ain’t about the a**, it’s all about the brain,” she said.
But the popular Hollywood actress isn’t very hung up on exercises. For her, something as easy as a run can make her feel good.
She said “Running was the last thing I really wanted to do. When it became something that truly gave me pleasure, I was surprised. Even, endorphins are real. If you run with somebody just for an hour, you definitely feel pretty good. Running for an hour does not make you feel worse.”

Lena said “As I am getting old, I am realising more that it won’t matter if I’m really good at it, it actually matters that I try. My own will, my own effort is becoming what’s attractive to me.”
Lena has always been a fervent campaigner for body positivity and never conform to the unrealistic, conventional beauty standards typically pedaled by Hollywood.
“I knew that I wanted my roles to have a similar connection to their own physicality that I do,” she clarified, “which is that, in spite of a knowledge that my body didn’t essentially meet a perfect norm, I have also always felt [contented].”
Yet, her recent weight loss has seen her become the aim of vitriolic criticism on Twitter, with individuals accusing her of “selling out”.
“It was really evidenced that as a woman in Hollywood, you can’t just win,” Dunham said of the comments.