Top 5 reasons why everyone needs to let their muscles recover

No matter what sport or exercise you are interested in, when you are working hard towards a fitness goal, you can feel motivated and pumped, which can mean that the idea of taking a day off will fill you with guilt and dread. While, of course, we all know that exercise is great for both your physical and mental wellbeing and you may leave your workout feeling ready to take on the world, and your next training session, it is important to remember that exercise is a physical workload on the body and has as a considerable impact on your joints and muscles. 

Therefore, it is essential that you are aware why it is so important that you give your muscles the opportunity to recover. So here are the top 5 reasons why you should stop feeling guilty about skipping a day at the gym, and instead why your muscles will thank you for a quality rest day! 

It gives your muscles the opportunity to repair and grow 

 Whether your idea of a workout is an hour in the gym on the cross trainer, or mile after mile pounding it out on the open road, as you exercise, microscopic tears are created in your muscles, which can lead to delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) after an intense workout. It is essential that you then give your body the time it needs to rest and recuperate so that it can repair these muscle tears. 

 By giving your body this time to repair torn muscles, you will find that they grow back stronger so that you can complete the same workout again with less effort. However, if you don’t give your muscles the opportunity to rest and repair and continue to exercise without a break, then you are at risk of damaging them further and could stunt your fitness development and stamina. 

Helps to avoid injury 

So, we have already established why it is so important that you give your muscles the time they need to repair and grow stronger than before. But you should also be aware of the long term and serious consequences of overusing your muscles by not allowing amble recovery time. Continuing to push your muscles while they are suffering from tears can lead to more serious injuries, such as muscle sprains which will make exercising impossible and set you back further on your fitness goals. 

Provides you with a psychological break 

It is important to remember that regular exercise is not just a workout for your body, but it also takes its toll on your mental health as well. You can become too caught up in the workout and fitness environment, so a change of scenery can really help you to relax and think about the other aspects of your life. If you have been spending most nights after work in the gym, use your rest day as an opportunity to catch up with friends or have a night at home with your family. 

Muscle recovery equipment can boost your long-term muscle health  

Muscle recovery is something that many people neglect to consider as part of their weekly exercise routine, but it is a crucial way that you can keep safe and avoid any injuries of your fitness journey. Muscle recovery is easier now than ever before with muscle recovery equipment readily available. For example, having a foam roller at home is an easy but effective way to improve muscle health and recovery, while also allowing you to enjoy the benefits of self-massage from the comfort of your own home. 

Supports your immune system 

Another reason why muscle recovery is so important is that working too hard in the gym without taking rest days can deplete your body of energy and weaken your immune system, making it more difficult for you to fight out even the common cold. Therefore, if you are feeling under the weather, we recommend that you take a few days out, allow your body to return back to normal strength and energy levels. 

By incorporating muscle recovery into your workout regime, you can stay healthy, look after your body, and reach your fitness goals in a quicker and more sustainable way without doing serious damage to your joints and muscles. 


Author Bio: Aimee Harrington

Aimee Harrington is a freelance writer and Mother of 2. Her two kids are everything and when not sat in-front of the computer screen, Aimee is a keen runner. 

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