Consuming a healthy and balanced diet is good for your overall health, and what you eat also impacts your skin. You put a lot of time and money to look good, and inner health affects outer beauty, and this is true. Foods have a great impact on complexion and your aging process too.
As per the best nutritionist in Delhi, nutrition is the key to have healthy and supple skin, and nutrition means not only proper diet but also includes preventive measures to develop healthy habits. A proper diet is vital to maintain healthy skin, and it is essential to consume vitamins and to stay hydrated along with regular exercise routine.
Positive thinking is also one of the best ways to get glowing skin as it prevents stress and also decreases the risk of premature aging. A poor diet can lead to stress, fatigue, and depression. On the other hand, a healthy diet helps to regulate oil production, hydration as well as overall cell function. 

Foods To Include In Your Diet For Healthy Skin

The best dietitian in Delhi helps people to know that a clear skin diet will offer you blemish-free and healthy skin. Our skin is a mirror to what we consume and how it fuels our cells. Each and every food item we consume is important. People always focus on products to use on skin but they forget to eat what will actually benefit them. Below is the loss of foods that you should include in your diet to get healthy skin:

1.Foods high in Vitamin A

The best dietitian in India recommends adding foods rich in Vitamin A to get healthy skin. Some fruits that you can include are carrots, spinach, potatoes, apricots, and kale. Eating food rich in vitamin A will help to reduce acne breakouts. Try to had these into our salads as they are the best when consumed during breaks.

2.Foods high in Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 deficiencies offer bad and dull skin; thus, it is essential to include it in your diet to get healthy skin. Some foods that you can consist of are beef, Tuna, liver, and fortified cereals. Vitamin B12 helps to get even skin tone and improve hyper pigmentation.

3.Foods high in Vitamin C

Foods rich in Vitamin C promote collagen, which is the protein that gives skin its structure. You should include foods like grapefruit, sprouts, bell peppers, oranges, and broccoli to get most out of it. Vitamin C rich foods are best to treat sun damage.

4.Foods high in Vitamin E

Vitamin E is considered the most powerful nutrient to get healthy skin as it is a powerful antioxidant having amazing healing abilities. You can include foods like broccoli and green leafy vegetables to get its benefits.

 Foods Avoid Maintaining Healthy Skin

Many foods should be avoided to get and keep healthy skin. suggests a food list that should be avoided:
  • High glycemic foods -High glycemic foods should be avoided as it spikes insulin levels and results in damaging the skin. Avoiding foods like white rice, sugar, the pasta will help you to get blemish-free skin. Always try to find out for the food that might harm your skin as soon as you see any changes into skin.
  • Coffee-Coffee is bad for you and offers negative impacts on your skin, so avoiding it is the best way to attain beautiful skin. It is diuretic and causes dehydration due to excessive urination.
  • Deep-fried food -It is considered as worse food groups for the skin as it has Trans fats that are bad for the complexion. People having oily skin don’t know but deep-fried food is very harmful to the skin. As all the oil in the body will be seen on the skin and face. Coming to complexion the more we consume fried more worst it will get.
  • Dairy products: It is something which is not for everyone but dairy products can be bad for some skin kind. People having acne and pimples should look out what they eat and how it will affect the skin.
  • Alcohol -Avoid drinking alcohol as regular consumption can make your skin dry. Plus, if the inner system is damaged it will show and the skin will get worst. So try to limit the alcohol consumption.


Eating a healthy diet is vital for healthy skin as nutrients help the skin cells to replicate and have more energy. Your food choices will help you to maintain excellent skin texture, and low nutrient choices will accelerate the aging process. Best Nutritionist in Mumbai tells people to keep a check on your food list and should protect your skin from harmful chemicals is what you should do. 
Also, enough sleep and exercise and relaxation all will help you to get healthier skin and will maintain a healthy glow from within. Consult Quanutrition to know about a clear skin diet.