Nutritional Value of Pizza Side Dishes

Nowadays, people are more interested in pizza than other foods in different food stores. What's wrong, you need to ask what's not in this pizza! Delicious soft melting yellow cheese lining, meat, pepper, onion or not! Do you also think that eating pizza is bad for health? If yes, you may need to change your opinion for pizza. Recently a nutritionist has said that eating pizza at breakfast is better than eating corn flakes or oats (oatmeal) and it keeps you healthy.

Pizza is more nutritious! Eating a slice of freshly made pizza at breakfast is healthy and instead of oats or corn flakes available in the market, if you eat a slice of freshly made pizza, it will be a more nutritious snack. These things made from the grain found in the market have high amount of sugar and fewer amounts of elements like carbohydrate, fat and protein. For this reason, these things do not deliver enough energy to the body.
Cereals are not made from grains. Healthy; Flakes or oats made from grains found in the market are actually sweet. The loss is more sugar than normal. Flax contains 110 calories, zero fat, and one gram of protein and 10 grams of sugar. On the other hand, if you talk about cheese made from fresh vegetables, then it contains 272 calories, 12 grams of protein, and 10 grams of fat and only 4 grams of sugar. Along with this, people often do not eat just one bowl of corn flakes or oats, but only 2 to 3 bowls for breakfast. This is the reason that it increases the amount of sugar in the blood.
How to Eat Pizza? Earlier another expert, said that if we are eating 'whole grain' i.e. all the grains mixed with breakfast, then it is okay, but if we are eating only one grain made from that which The blood sugar level increases. On the other hand, another dietician said that eating pizza does not mean that you eat in large amounts, rather take just one sill. Along with this, they say that how nutritious the pizza is, it depends on where it is made. If you bring a mixed cereal pizza base at home and make it with fresh vegetables and fruits, then it is healthy for breakfast.

How to Make Pizza at Your Home?

Many people love to eat pizza side dishes. You can cook a delicious pizza at home without sudden going out of your home. Make pizza at home while keeping the taste and nutrition intact.

Ingredients of pizza yeast:

  • flour, 
  • oyster, 
  • half cup of milk, 
  • sugar, 
  • salt, 
  • oil,
  • Warm milk needed to soften the yeast.

Topping Materials:

Capsicum of different colors (you can serve any vegetable if you like), small onions, and small pieces of cooked chicken or sausage, sautéed mozzarella cheese, and dried oregano a little pepper powder.

Ingredients of pizza sauce:

ripe tomato slices (the top cover should be removed),
onion sliced, 
garlic sliced,
salt to taste, 
pepper powder,
red chili powder,
oats oil, 
Take yeast first. Heat the milk and mix the sugar. Finely squeeze the oysters to keep them warm. Cover this way for few minutes. After, few minutes add the flour. Heat extra milk and use the yeast. Yeast must be very soft. Otherwise the pizza will be tough. Mix the salt. Make a round ball mixed with oil and cover in a large bowl for some times. Place the bowl in a hot place.
Now make the sauce. Sprinkle onion, garlic oil with sliced ​​tomatoes. Once wet, cover all the ingredients except the sugar and a little water. Sprinkle the tomatoes with a spoon. Dry the water and rinse it with sugar. Cook capsicum and onion for topping.
After sometimes, the pizza yeast will swell. Press the air out of your hand and divide the yeast into three parts. With each hand, make small loaves of bread with each hand pulled. Now add the tomato sauce over the bread. Spare the cheese. Spread capsicum, chicken pieces and onion slices. Sprinkle a little more cheese over it and sprinkle the oregano and cayenne powder.
Bake in preheated electric oven for few minutes. When done, leave it for few minutes to set the pizza. Diameter, make your pizza.