How Fruit Pectin Can Help Detox Your System?

First of all, this paragraph is not based on scientific thought for detoxification. These are common assumptions and supposition among the addicted community, they think that fruit pectin covers the inside layer of your stomach. They also suppose that Fruit Pectin covers the urinary bladder that temporarily stops toxins from entering your urine for a short period.
It supports the stance discussed in the above section; Pectin helps in detoxifying THC from the smoker system. Pectin stops THC to enter your urine system or blood system for a little time ranging from 5 to 6 hours. Within that duration, you can pee for the urine drug test and your drug test will result in negative.
The actual reason is mentioned in the following ultimate method for THC Detox.

What Is The Exact Method For Detox To Pass You Drug Test?

This method is backing the main reason for THC Detoxification which helps in passing your drug test. The key background of this drug test method (as discussed above) is that you use Pectin from the Certo Sure Jell which helps in driving out the toxins and the THC of your system.

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To pass your drug test with the help of Certo Sure Jell, you must have to follow the following instructions carefully.
Prior to the instructions, you need to get the following items from the market prior to the drug test.
  • Two packets of Sure Jell or Certo (or any other generic brand of fruit pectin). You can easily get Sure Jell from your nearby Walmart store or order it online.
  • Get two Regular bottles of sports drinks like Gatorade.
  • Creatine monohydrate.
  • A vitamin pill for replacing nutrients to avoid suspicions. As nutrients have been lost in flushing out your system.
  • Take a vitamin B2. Vitamin B2 with Creatine monohydrate helps to not flag your urine sample as diluted.
  • A gallon of water with an electrolyte like sodium.
Once you get all the items, you’re good to start the Certo Sure Jell drug test.
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Steps of the method are:

1.As soon as you know about your drug test, try to avoid taking drugs in the meanwhile and start drinking a maximum amount of water. Drugs like weeds, marijuana, Cannabis, kratom mitragyna euphoric strains, and other medications should be stopped immediately as you hear about your drug test.
2.Open one of the packs of Certo or Sure Jell and mix it with your Gatorade regular drink. Shake the bottle until you observe that it has been perfectly dissolved. One important caution here, Gatorade drink should not be diet; it must be a regular one.
3.Now, drink it all to the end before going to bed. The taste is not good though, but you have to drink it all to clear your drug test. This step should be followed one night before the test date.
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4.In the 4th step, you are advised to take a gallon of water and drink it from time to time. Drinking too much water at a time can be deadly. On the other hand, it causes intoxication. So, it is suggested to add sodium salt- a common salt- to the water to avoid the intoxication effect.
5.Open the 2nd pack of Certo or Sure Jell and mix it with the second Gatorade drink. This step should be followed two hours before your drug test. Take your vitamin B2 complex and Creatine monohydrate. And again this step is followed by drinking water.
6.Urinate frequently for like 3 to 4 times before your drug test.
7.Make sure you take the Creatine and Vitamin B2 pill as this will help you to not show your urine sample diluted. If these are not taken, your sample can be caught easily as it will be diluted. Secondly, Vitamin B2 pill helps you to sustained your nutrients level as the detox method can flush out some of the nutrients from your body, and also it avoids suspicions.
8.It is strongly suggested that before your actual drug test day, try this method in your home; whether it is working fine or not. Also, if you are allergic to pectin, you should not follow the Certo Drug Test Method.
This is the ultimate solution for THC Detox to pass a Drug test. However, different schools of thought suppose that this is what happened actually (Listed below in the paragraph) when you use Certo or Sure Jell for passing your drug test.
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THC metabolites are excreted out of the system by the process of defecation, not by urination. And something that happened inside the system is– the solubility of toxins & THC metabolites. These THC Metabolites got affected by taking the Certo Sure Jell. Since the THC metabolites are stored in the fats of the human body. When it bound to bile, it becomes water-soluble. Pectin binds to bile, preventing the water-solubility of the THC metabolites. That’s why it is considered that the THC metabolites are excreted out through the defection process instead of the urination process.
What happened in the background is not the concern of us or a stoner. The main point is that it will let you pass your drug test. And that’s what every marijuana lover likes and uses.

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How Much It Costs?

The total cost can be sum up to $25 or $30 USD. You can get the items from the market at the following prices.
  • Certo or Sure Jell = $30 USD
  • Regular Gatorade or other regular sports drink = $1.00 USD
  • Vitamin B complex = $9.95 USD
  • Creatine Monohydrate = $8.87 USD
  • Gallon, Springwater = $1.29 USD

These Mistakes Should Be Avoided

The following mistakes should be avoided in order to get the expected result. People often less careful about it and didn’t avoid the following mistakes. It makes them physically ill, or the drug test fails as they are not taking the right direction explained in the method. The four major mistakes are:
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1.Over-hydration – It is stated above that drinking too much water can cause intoxication & will make you ill. Besides these, over-hydration may result in vomiting. So, you will throw the Certo mixture.
2.Leaving It Too Late – Certo Drug test method contains two doses. You must take these two doses on time otherwise it will not affect the test result. Take your first dose at night before the test day, and take the second and final dose two hours before the test time.
3.Skipping The Regular Sports Drink – We suggest you get Gatorade regular, not diet drink. It contains an electrolyte which is very much important for the whole process.
4.Not Using Creatine – Drinking a lot of water causes too much urination. And too much urination causes the deficiency of Creatine from the system. This cost must be replaced to regulate the level of Creatine. Means Creatine should be replaced otherwise your test will be flagged.
Still, one problem exists in the Certo Sure Jell test. The issue arises because of excessive water, which causes your urine diluted. But the use of Creatine resolved the issue.

Pros and Cons of Certo or Sure Jell Drug Test


  • It is extremely cheap
  • It is fat-free and sugar-free
  • It is safe
  • No drawback and No side effects
  • It contains zero calories, therefore, no worries of gaining weight
  • It is easy to perform
  • It provides dietary fiber
  • Easy availability of all products


  • Drinking too much water causes intoxication and over-hydration
  • Over-hydration causes vomiting
  • Risk of diluted urine
  • Allergic to Pectin can’t afford Certo or Sure Jell
  • It can cause diarrhea

Short Summary:

This article discusses each and every part of the Certo Drug Test and explains the entire method. If you want to understand the whole process in less time, then here is a brief summary for you.
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Certo or Sure Jell contains Fruit Pectin. The weed addicted community believes that fruit pectin covers the layer of your stomach. They also suppose that Fruit Pectin covers the urinary bladder that temporarily stops toxins and THC from entering your urine for a short period.
Pectin helps in detoxifying THC from the smoker system. Pectin stops THC to enter your urine system or blood system for a little time ranging from five to six hours. Within that duration, you can urinate for the urine drug test and your drug test will result clear.


Certo or Sure Jell drug test is recommended for those addicted to weeds, coke, marijuana, and opioids. By taking two doses according to the method and avoid all the mistakes, then it is sure that it will help in passing your drug test. It is, therefore, considered as one of the effective and short time technique to pass your drug test.
Do not drink too much water at once. Some people get nervous about their result and they start following the procedure step one by one. When they reach to a gallon of water step, they start drinking and drinking water at once. This behavior affects him dangerously: they become ill due to excessive drinking of water, secondly, they start vomiting. Sadly, they throw up the Certo Sure Jell mixture and got no benefits.
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I personally suggest that it is better to try this method home for at least one time before totally relying on it on the test day. Is it truly working for you? If yes, then take Certo mixture doses at the right time. That is, one in the night before the test day and other on two hours before the actual test. Finally, you will surely get the expected result.