Goodbye blackheads: make this homemade egg-based scrub

The annoying blackheads prevent the face from looking beautiful and healthy, in addition, when there are too many and it is not controlled in time it can cause major problems in the skin. Therefore, it is very important to attack them and eliminate them completely with effective products or a homemade scrub.

To do so, there are many options in the world of beauty, however, if you are looking for a chemical-free alternative that is inexpensive and quite effective, you can try this homemade egg-based scrub.

Although blackheads appear in different parts of the face, this scrub is designed for the nose. An area that tends to accumulate many impurities, however, there are ways to eradicate the points and have healthy skin.

What are blackheads?

These are dilations of the hair follicle of the skin that are usually located in the famous 'T zone' but can also appear on the chest, back and cheeks when they are filled with dirt and toxins.

How can they be avoided?

The best way to avoid blackheads is to adopt proper hygiene and give your face a constant beauty routine to keep your skin cared for. In this way, you can make the pore size smaller and the inconvenience is likely to be reduced. It is worth noting that oily skin is the one that should be cared for the most.

Homemade scrub 


§  2 egg whites

§  1 pair of paper towels

Preparation method:

Start by mixing the whites in a clean container to form a kind of paste. Apply to your face after taking a hot bath because the steam helps open pores.

Use your fingertips to gently massage in a circular motion, starting from your chin to the area of ​​your forehead. Afterward, place a paper towel on your nose. Then put a second layer of paper so that both are soaked and wait for it to sit for a few minutes.

After removing the scrub, rinse your face with cool water to re-close the pores and allow the skin to soak for a bit before applying moisturizer.


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