Natural scrubs to show off beautiful and healthy skin: fast and cheap

To show off beautiful and healthy skin you have to have a daily care routine, in this way, you are able to eliminate impurities and improve the appearance of the face. This time we will give you several recipes for natural scrubs that you can make from the comfort of your home.

Natural scrubs are usually made with salt or sugar, however there is a dilemma between which one is best for your skin. However, both foods offer benefits, the choice must come according to the needs of your skin.

Natural scrubs

Of sugar 

  • They are perfect for sensitive skin because when diluted with hot water they only scratch the skin.
  • They are quite mild, more so than exfoliants made with salt.
  • They have a pleasant aroma.
  • They do not cause itching or redness on the skin.

Ingredients : half a cup of coconut oil, a teaspoon of vanilla essence and half a cup of brown sugar.

Preparation: First, start by mixing all the ingredients until they are completely integrated. After that, spread the preparation on the face and massage gently for four minutes. Finish off by removing the homemade scrub with warm water.

Of salt

  • Being a thick ingredient, it is a stronger homemade product that does not come apart easily.
  • It tends to scratch more and therefore causes redness.
  • Natural salt scrubs are ideal for people who have dry skin because they help remove dead skin cells, hard skin, and dryness.
  • Similarly, they are good options for acne sufferers.
  • On the other hand, by choosing this type of scrub you add minerals to the skin. In addition, this product manages to eliminate impurities and toxins.

Ingredients: half a cup of sea salt, a third of almond, coconut or grape oil, a tablespoon of dried lavender and 10 or 16 drops of lavender essential oil.

Preparation: combine all the ingredients until fully incorporated. After that, apply to the face and body. You can use it while taking a bath. Rinse with natural water.

Fact about natural scrubs:

These homemade products are not for everyday use, their application should be every 15 days or once a month. On the other hand, apply a little on the jawbone before doing it all over the face. If you observe abnormal behavior, remove the product.

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