Know How Healthy You are With Health Scorecard on HealthRx

 In the last few years, India has witnessed a shift in its epidemiology with a higher incidence of lifestyle diseases. A steady rise in the risk factors for diseases like diabetes, hypertension, cardiac ailments and mental health illnesses also calls for increased awareness and better healthcare facilities. Thankfully, such medical care facilities are more pronounced than ever today. 

Alongside, it is also the responsibility of each individual to pay heed to their health and seek appropriate medical assistance without delay.

How to correctly assess your health condition?

To effectively know how healthy you are, you can make use of the HealthRx app and generate a personalised health score. This app, which acts as a one-stop destination for a myriad of healthcare-related services, helps individuals correctly gauge their physical and mental wellbeing with an assessment of various aspects pertaining to their physical build, daily habits, history of diseases, etc.

You can, thus, gain an insight into how healthy you are by getting your health score generated through the app.

To get started with the healthcare assessment, you need to download the app on your smartphone by following the steps below – 

Step 1: Install the app on your Android phone or iPhone by downloading it from Google PlayStore or the Apple App Store.

Step 2: Enter your contact number when prompted.

Step 3: You will receive an OTP on your number for verification to complete log-in.

Step 4: Next, fill out all required details like your name, gender and age.

After registering your details in the app, you can start your health assessment by tapping the option marked ‘health score’ on the home page.

Next, you have to undergo a five-step evaluation process. Herein, you will answer various questions related to your dietary preference, daily exercise routine, smoking and drinking habits, sleeping patterns, history of illnesses and mental condition in the past week. Based on your answers, the app will generate a score through which you will be able to gauge your physical and mental health condition.

How effective is the health score?

The health score generated is based entirely on the answers you provide, which makes it imperative for you to be true and accurate while completing the questionnaire.

Furthermore, alongside the score, the app also offers an insight into the diseases that the user has a high risk of developing in the future, based on the answers provided. Finally, one can also avail useful healthcare tips from the app while generating his/her health scorecard.

Knowing how healthy you are can help you make essential changes in your daily routine to propagate a better lifestyle with enhanced healthcare. Alongside, you can also make necessary arrangements to seek proper diagnosis and subsequent treatment, if you find that your health score is indicative of any disease that you may have.

In this regard, if the high expenses accompanying diagnostic care and other medical treatments deter you from availing them, you can opt for a health card to convert your medical bills into easy EMIs.

How to boost the accessibility of healthcare service to remain healthy?

While the quality of health-related services has steadily improved over the years, they have also become more expensive. To counter this rising cost of medical services, financial institutions in India have introduced health EMI cards, which allow individuals to pay for their medical bills in No-Cost EMIs over a period of up to 24 months.

For instance, the Bajaj Finserv Digital Health EMI Network Card proffers users and their families with the benefit of converting medical bills for 800+ medical care services into instalments. It can include consultations, preventive and diagnostic care, treatments, pharmacy bills, non-essential care and more. These services can be availed from more than 5,500 of the institution’s partner medical facilities across 1,000+ cities in India.

Existing customers of the financial institution can apply for this card online without submitting any additional documents, and enjoy its benefits as soon as the health card status is approved. Available with nominal, one-time fee payment of Rs.707, it is one of the most convenient financing tools and makes availing medical care much more affordable and accessible.

In this regard, the Bajaj Finserv HealthRx app can offer multiple benefits with improved accessibility of competent medical care. The app can be used for the following services, among others. 

  • Track down the nearest doctor as per the user’s requirements and make appointments.

  • Avail personalised healthcare packages for self and family for services like preventive check-ups, health insurance, doctor and medical consultation, etc.

  • Receive online consultation with doctors.

  • Store personal health records including prescriptions, medical test reports, records of vitals and BMI at one place. These can also be shared with respective doctors and labs, as and when required.

  • Schedule reminders for vaccinations and medications.

With such benefits and more, this app can not only aid you to assess your health but also streamline the process of seeking medical assistance whenever required. You can, thus, adopt a healthier lifestyle and ensure enhanced family healthcare through collective benefits of the app and the health card.

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